Preston Township
1515 Crosstown Highway
Lakewood, PA 18439

FAX 570-798-2130

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Recycling Program
Food Pantry
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Office Hours
Monday & Wednesday
9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Meeting Times
First Thursday of Every Month
9:00 am

Township Board of Supervisors
Robert Sienko, Chair
Alan Jones, Vice-Chair
J. C. Neu, Board Member
Mary Ann Llewellyn, Secretary/Treasurer

Township Garage
Robert Sienko, Foreman
(570) 798-2693

James McDonald, Sewer Enforcement Officer
(570) 470-9341

BIU Building Inspection Underwriters, Inc.
(570) 344-9681

Marissa McAndrew, Solicitor

Planning Commission Members
Kuni Holbert, Chair
Alan Jones
Judy Wells
Gary Czapnik
Michael Milko

Planning Commission Meetings
Third Wednesday of every month
3:30 p.m. Township Municipal Building

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